Upcoming Gigs

 Right now Trout Fishing are in
 somewhat of a hiatus, with one
 of the members of the band away.
 As such, no gigs are currently
 If you're suffering from Trout
 withdrawl, check out the band
 Motor Racing is Dangerous, the
 alter ego of some band members. 

Into the Trout World

Meet the members of Trout Fishing in Quebec.
TFIQ Discography
The definitive listing of everything TFIQ have ever produced (well, musically that is)
TFIQ Sounds
Sample some Trout. This will take a long time to download btw. (currently under construction)
TFIQ Links
The sites on the web that the band find cool.

 Trout Fishing in Quebec  are a funky/jazzy
 band who have somewhere between  5  and 11
 members, depending on what night you catch
 Trout Fishing are Sydney based, and you'll
 be most likely to find them lurking around
 the venues of the inner west - the Sando &
 the Globe are among their haunts.
 Heavily influenced by cricket, car racing,
 pinball machines &  a flair for taking the
 piss,  a night watching the band is always
 mega-entertaining, and the music magestic.
 Kinda stuff you just  can't resist dancing
 Most of their music comes lyric free which
 apparently means they're not radio friendly
 .........that's their loss.

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