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Much like with their biography, Trout Fishing in Quebec are yet to supply me with any sites they'd like to be linked to (useless bastards aren't they ??), so I'll just throw in a buch of sites I reckon are cool.

The Trout Links

5% Nation: The Soul Coughing Webpage
Possibly the best band to come out of the US in recent history. Diverse stuff.
The Mr Blonde Homepage
A melodic 4 piece pop act you might see round the traps in Sydney
Lonely Planet
The definitive guidebook for travel at home & abroad
Body Modification E-zine
The best resource on the web for all things body mod: tattoos, piercings, the works
The North Queensland Cowboys Homepage
Website of the best rugby league team in the game
The Icehouse
A great collection of mac icons for those smart enough to choose Macintosh
South Park
The greatest TV show ever.....lotsa stuff to download
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When Trout Fishing in Quebec Travel overseas, that's their problem.

Julian is dressed by his Mum, though ties his own shoelaces.