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Where Are They Now ? was the debut album for Trout Fishing in Quebec
( previously they had relesased a self titled EP ). The eclectic 17 
track  CD contains a number of Trout  classics dispersed among songs
which have gone on to relative obscurity.

The pick of the album is Extra Ball Is Lit. It's a great insight into
what Trout Fishing in Quebec are all about: a big funky complex sound
sandwiching solo bursts of guitar, percussion, flute and sax.  Here's
to Micheal Holding, Here's to Larry Gomes is a track likely to get an
airing at most Trout gigs, as is Ooh La La, which has been remixed as
a single in a couple of incarnations.
2. Extra Ball Is Lit 3. Slip Into Someone More Comfotable 5. Battery Cha Cha 6. Baumlich 8. Poultry In Motion 10. Fungi Zong 11. Ugly Dave Grey 13. Come Hither 14. The Wind That Makes The Children Go Crazy 15. Ooh La La 17. Here's to Micheal Holding, Here's to Larry Gomes
The second CD, Pissing Into the Wind, is the better of the two albums. While retaining their trademark complex big grooves* , the CD seems to have great depth and mood*. From the brooding sounds of Dance Fucken Naked to the upbeat tones of Fat's Chance, the album goes thru a miasma of noises and tones. Among the many highlights are the opening Phantom Draft and the sensational pisstake Baby I love You, But I've got to Play Pinball.
1. Phantom Draft 2. Dance Fucken Naked 3. Trout Bossa 4. When Push Comes To Town 5. Baby I Love You, But I've got to Play Pinball 6. Bob Morris 7. Corduron (go the cheese) 8. Ayrton Senna 9. Fred 10. Fat's Chance 11. Barry Bolwell ( * geeze I can sound like a wanker when I chose to, WebEd)