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I suggested. I begged. I threatened. I extorted. God knows, I even reasoned with them. No biography was forthcoming. As such, I've made it up.....

The members of Trout Fishing in Quebec come from a diverse array of backgounds.

One is the bastard child of Billy McMahon. Having inherited his Father's love of the spotlight, he entered into the world of entertainment, becoming the understudy to Ian Turpie on the cult TV game show, Press your Luck. After 2 frustrating series of the show, in which Turps hogged the limelight and our Trout did the whammy noises, he quit and turned to the music industry.

Two are last surviving members of the Heaven's Gate cult. Having watched their bretheran disappear into the arse end of a big comet, they looked to rebuild the following. Australia was chosen as the region to open the new chapter, based on the Country's high goat to cult ratio and great prospects for astronomy. Unfortunately cult initiation isn't a credible basis for gaining permanent residency (if the Liberals get another term that may change), so they listed musician as their occupations on the citizenship applications. These days they keep customs happy by performing on a regular basis, but spend the bulk of their time slaying small animals and scanning the sky.

The remainding members of TFIQ formed the basis of the pit crew for Alan Moffat during the Australian Touring Car Series from 1976 to 1979. Despite the being an integral part of the team at the Bathurst 1-2 in 1977, they were sacked by the team in bizarre circumstances two seasons later, having lost the team pet rock at Mt Panorama in 1979. (Dick Johnston managed to find the rock during the race). After a brief flirtation in pinball design, Music became the means by which they filled the hole in their existance

(The names of the band members have been deliberately left out to protect my arse from being kicked too much - web ed).

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